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A rapidly changing business world forces companies to adapt more and more to external circumstances. Innovation is a success factor in securing and further developing one's own business model. Only companies that develop competitive and customer-centric products and services in a structured and efficient way will ultimately be able to keep their value proposition and achieve a competitive advantage.

To help companies assess their ability to innovate, we have developed #FORTSCHITT MATRIX.

Important basic factors of innovation are the prevailing dynamics and structure within a company. If both factors complement each other optimally, a company can successfully bring innovations to market and at the same time react quickly to changes.

The #FORTSCHITT MATRIX analyzes the structure and dynamics within a company through different questions and assigns it to one of the four quadrants. Depending on the classification, measures and recommendations for action can be developed to support future optimization of dynamics and structure.

You are welcome to contact us so that we can analyze the evaluation together with you and develop concrete recommendations for action on this basis.

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business model canvas


The Business Model Canvas is a method that supports the development and revision of innovative and complex business models. In an overview of several fields, the respective key factors for a business model are systematically identified, described and visualized.

"From the idea to the profitable business model“

This visually supported procedure allows impulses and ideas to be assembled into a business model in a modular fashion and to be related to one another. The Business Model Canvas is therefore suitable for both founders and established companies. It is used to design a coherent market and sustainable business model or to continuously develop the existing business model.


  • Interdisciplinary team of experts
  • Elaboration of the key factors
  • Visualization of the results
  • Analysis and reflection of the developed business model
  • Recommendations for the next steps
  • Depending on the scope and complexity, the workshop can be held for one or two days


  • A better understanding of your own business model
  • Validation of the business idea and the business plan
  • Collection of basic information for product development
  • Guidance by experts in business model development
  • Conducting the workshop in a creative and supportive working environment

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business sparring



The development of a business model is a complex process that goes far beyond the description of a business idea. As founders and consultants, we know that especially the first phase of precisely formulating the business model can be very challenging and grueling.

"In order to see clearly, a change of perspective is often all that is needed“

Reflecting on ideas, concepts and strategies together, getting a second opinion, finding clarity for decisions, discovering new impulses and potentials - a view from the outside can provide a great and decisive energy boost for your business. After completing the sparring, you will see your business model with different eyes: Clearer!


  • Provision of a selected team of reviewers
  • Evaluation of your business model based on the presented pitch and the previously submitted documents
  • Discussion and professional exchange at eye level
  • Direct and honest feedback on site
  • Detailed analysis report afterwards


  • Expertise of a qualified team of experts with start-up experience
  • Objective feedback through external and independent analysis and evaluation of your business model
  • Focused optimization of your business model
  • Identification of additional potentials
  • Time saving on the way to market maturity
  • Optimization of your business model presentation (pitch)

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COMPANY BUILDINGcompany building



In our strategy workshop, we will examine your existing business model in order to incorporate the existing strengths and weaknesses into a corporate strategy that is right for you.

"With the right roadmap to the desired goal“

Constructively, we will discuss different business model options together with you and elicit the advantages as well as disadvantages here. The most important goals of the workshop include the definition of a sustainable business vision and the outlining of a strategic roadmap.


  • Interdisciplinary team of experts
  • Business model analysis (Business Model Canvas, SWOT analysis)
  • Sketching of model scenarios
  • Development of a strategic roadmap
  • Visualization of the results
  • Recommendations for action and "Next Steps"
  • Kano Model
  • EmpathyMap
  • Concretization and shaping of the developed information


  • Business model matching
  • Strategic Roadmap
  • Business Vision Defining
  • Accompaniment by experts in business model development
  • Conducting the workshop in a creative working environment

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ERP Benchmark

In our benchmark study "The Way to the ERP System", we examined success factors, requirements and selection criteria for ERP systems and summarized them for startups and medium-sized companies. In an objective evaluation, 25 ERP systems were analyzed, compared and evaluated with regard to their functional scope, integration, interface capability, user-friendliness and security aspects.

As an independent consultancy, #FORTSCHITT has a very broad and objective understanding of the market for ERP systems for startups and SMEs. For this reason, we can record your needs in detail and completely in order to determine an adequate ERP system for your business processes.

In addition, as a partner we accompany not only the selection of the system according to your needs, but also the entire introduction up to the independent, successful operation of the ERP system in your company.
Together with various system houses, we have already accompanied a large number of ERP system selections and implementation projects for corporations, SMEs and start-ups.

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A risk is an indication of the likelihood that an economic decision is likely to result in a loss or that an expected benefit may not materialize. It is essential for companies to identify risks strategically and in a structured manner within the company and to develop measures within the framework of risk management.

We at #FORTSCHITT are sure that cause-effect relationships are becoming more and more difficult to point out. For this reason, we have developed the Strategic Risk Indicator.

Based on a workshop, we analyze and evaluate the strategic risk with you and combine these results with an influence matrix. This influence matrix is fed by a macro-fixed industry analysis and a micro-fixed company analysis.

The systematic approach breaks down the complexity within a company and develops measures to cope with today's challenges.

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The Value Proposition Canvas is a supplement to the Business Model Canvas. By taking a detailed look at the areas of "target group" and "value proposition", products and services can be created that support the customer in accomplishing their tasks.

"Aligning products and services with customer needs.“

Starting with a specific customer segment, specific tasks, problems and benefits are ascertained on the basis of experience, statements and observations. Likewise, matching products and services, problem solvers and benefit providers are collected and prioritized. The resulting value proposition can then be tested with customers and embedded in a profitable business model. 


  • Identification of functional, social and emotional needs of the customers
  • Description of obstacles and difficulties as well as gains and benefits
  • Comparison of products and services to fulfill the value proposition
  • Description of "pain killers" and benefit creators


  • Additional customer-oriented component
  • Systematic consideration of the problems and needs of the target group
  • Consistent focus on generating value and benefits for the customer
  • Successful alignment of own products and services
  • Efficient tool for the further development of existing business models

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The Kano model can be used to systematically record a customer's requirements for a product or service or its/their characteristics and the associated satisfaction. Through this relationship between degree of fulfillment and customer satisfaction, five characteristics of customer requirements can be defined. 

"Understanding the customer and creating moments of enthusiasm.“

Based on the knowledge gained and the deeper understanding of the customer's expectations and wishes, innovation and product development processes can be controlled in a targeted manner..


  • Interdisciplinary team of experts
  • Identify customer requirements
  • Development of basic, performance and enthusiasm factors
  • Deriving recommendations for action
  • Depending on the scope and complexity, the workshop can take place on a half-day or full-day basis


  • Deeper insights into customer needs
  • Competitive advantages through insights into enthusiasm factors
  • Enthusiasm for the project among all project members
  • Establishment/adoption of the innovation process in the company
  • Conducting the workshop in a creative work environment

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Go Digital 1


With the right CRM or ERP system, companies can realize their strategy for systematically shaping relationships and interactions with existing and potential customers.

"Find the right CRM/ERP system via systematic pre-selection“

When looking for the right CRM/ERP system, the size of the company and the industry play a decisive role. These parameters significantly determine the requirements profile for the suitable solution. In addition to the range of functions, a special industry solution and user-friendliness, technical issues of integration into the existing IT landscape and expandability are of central importance.


  • Survey of company and employee needs
  • Creation of a system requirements list
  • Result documentation
  • Detailed presentation of suitable CRM/ERP systems
  • Creation of a variance analysis
  • Recommendation for action


  • Targeted exchange of experience through a team of experts consisting of founders, entrepreneurs and financiers
  • Proven experience with business start-up and development processes
  • Time and cost savings through targeted selection of a suitable CRM system
  • Efficient project management

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Project Realization

PM On Demand

Professional and Result Oriented
Our flexible and at the same time controlled project organization enables you to have additional competence carriers in your project, as well as comprehensive access to supporting strategic and operational services.

+ -

PM on Demand - quick and easy to use -

PM On Demand EN 01

Selection of the services:

| Project organization

| Coaching

| Incident Management

| Transitions Management

PM On Demand EN 02

Selection of the services:

| Document management

| Process management

| Compliance with standards

| Quality control

PM On Demand EN 03

Selection of the services:

| Portfolio control

| Forecast/Tracking/Burnrate

| Reporting

| Earned-Value analyses

PM On Demand EN 04

Selection of the services:

| Operational & strategic project management

| Risc management

| Stakeholder management

PM On Demand EN 05

Selection of the services:

| „Special Forces“

| „Peak“ support

| Task force management

| Vacation replacement


DevOps Unternehmenskultur


Digitalization has massively changed both the orientation of business models and the process landscapes of companies. The rapidly advancing mechanization of the working world is forcing companies to rethink and, if necessary, adapt their culture, processes and structures.

"DevOps companies change the market through higher innovation rates“

The "app mentality" and "app expectation" that has emerged on the customer side goes hand in hand with an increased desire for results rather than products. Customers no longer just want to be satisfied, they want to be delighted. In order to meet these demands and survive against agile start-up competition, efficient and coordinated collaboration between "Business," "Development," and "Operations" is necessary.


  • Immersion and deepening into the DevOps world
  • Comparison of methods (classic vs. agile)
  • Communicating DevOps principles and corporate culture
  • Analysis of the existing corporate culture
  • Developing opportunities to transform into an agile organization
  • Group exercises Agile/Lean/DevOps


  • Insights on how to sustainably implement a DevOps corporate culture within your own organization
  • Deeper understanding of DevOps agility
  • Encouraging a shift in thinking and behavior within established teams
  • Food for thought on how to revise and renew corporate culture
  • Initial approaches to agile transformation

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Organizational Development


Design Thinking


The Design Thinking method rethinks the process of innovation and product development. Customer needs move to the center of attention and enable the emergence of new products and services from this perspective.

"From basic understanding to successful prototype.“

Ideas are generated from a position of understanding and observation, which are then tested on the customer in the form of an initial prototype. Design thinking is an iterative process that takes place with interdisciplinary teams in a creative working environment. Through this, different perspectives are included, which enables a fast and cost-effective validation of the solution approaches.


We support you with:

  • the understanding of customer needs
  • the definition of different points of view
  • idea generation and validation
  • the development of a first prototype
  • the possibilities of a first "testing" on the customer


  • Framework for targeted idea generation
  • Competitive advantage through a consistent focus on customer needs
  • Fast and efficient development of ideas
  • Establishment/adaptation of a future-oriented way of working and thinking
  • Implementation of the workshop in a creative and supportive working environment

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digital mentoring 1


The path to the digital future permeates all areas of a company and is often associated with a strategy crisis for many companies. In this context, existing business models, markets, products and processes are often questioned. The decisions that have to be made in the course of a digital transformation process are often very complex and involve far-reaching fundamental changes, including a change in corporate culture.

"Shaping your path into the digital age together and implementing it successfully“

Installing a digital advisory board can support you on this path by providing your company with digital expertise in a targeted manner and systematically driving your own transformation process.


  • Provision of a digital advisory board with diverse expertise (entrepreneurs, e-commerce, big data)
  • Analysis of the digital status quo of your company
  • Support in the development of a digital strategy
  • Regular advisory board meetings to "challenge" the transformation status achieved


  • Digitization experts with diverse project experience in digital transformation processes and topic-specific coaching
  • Focus on the value chain
  • Development of digital competence and know-how without building up your own workforce
  • Emergence of a deeper digital understanding (digital mindset) for the multiplier effect

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  • Are you ready to open up to digital business models and agile working and commit to customer-centric value creation?
  • You want to actively contribute to driving the rethinking towards a digital mindset in your company?
  • Do you want to develop to a new digital competence level, share your knowledge with others and work independently in interdisciplinary teams?
  • You want to become a multiplier and motivator for the digital transformation process in your company?
  • Are you ready to prove your skills and potential in a challenging environment


  • Five-day "Digital Bootcamp"
  • 72 teaching units (UE) with digital experts from science, business and consulting
  • Small group with 12-15 participants
  • Imparting basic digital knowledge, in-depth technical knowledge and specific application knowledge
  • Teaching of soft skills and agile project management skills


  • Participants develop a holistic understanding of digital business models
  • Participants learn fundamental knowledge and skills for the transformation process
  • Participants support the change in the company towards a digital mindset
  • Participants implement a real digital project as part of the boot camp

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AGILE TASKFORCEDie Agile Taskforce


Agile companies are characterized by their ability to adapt to changes and new requirements on the market in the shortest possible time. In doing so, they always act with an eye to the future and set trends themselves.

Our "Agile Taskforce" actively supports companies in their transformation into an agile organization. The focus is clearly on knowledge transfer (learning organization), the practiced methodology (doing agile) and the lived agile principles (being agile). It is important to establish the right mix between methodology and corporate culture..

Tasks of the Taskforce

  • Support for individual departments
  • Knowledge transfer through impulses, lectures, workshops, 1:1 exchange, agile events
  • Assistance on call and as needed
  • Detailed status reporting to management
  • Initialization and support of the trial & error phase
  • Cross-company deployment capability
  • Control of agile methods and mindset

Focus of the Taskforce

  • Actively understand and apply agile principles
  • Establishing the agile mindset
  • Creating new work environments
  • Using the advantages of New Work
  • Establishing agile methodological competence
  • Integrate already functioning structures

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INNOVATION CHECKUPinnovation checkup



Innovative capability has visibly developed into a decisive competitive factor for companies. The challenge for many companies is to move away from their classic, process-oriented approaches and instead develop an open culture that promotes innovation.

"With the right innovation culture to an open innovation process“

By looking at structural aspects, key economic indicators and soft factors, the innovative capability of a company can be made measurable and analyzable. Based on this assessment, strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and potentials can be identified, which provide concrete starting points for recommendations for action.


  • Teaching of key figures in innovation management
  • Implementation #FORTSCHRITT Matrix
  • Development of an innovation SWOT analysis
  • Development of starting points for generating solutions
  • Depending on the scope and complexity, the workshop can take place on a half-day or full-day basis.


  • Implementation of the workshop by innovation experts
  • Many years of experience of the moderators in corporate and innovation management
  • Efficient tool for innovation analysis incl. industry comparison
  • Initial consideration of your innovation potentials in your own company

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Departments tasked with shaping and driving digital transformation across the entire company are often faced with the challenge of introducing innovations and digital concepts at all company locations. Efficient and structured communication within the sometimes intercultural and globally distributed work groups is essential for this.

 "Communicate virtually and work efficiently in a team“

Effective tools to ensure this are, for example, collaboration tools. In our webinar series, we teach you how to communicate effectively virtually in the shortest possible time, how to lead your teams, and how to work all around. Immediately afterwards, the working group can use the skills they have learned to train other employees independently via webinars or face-to-face workshops.


  • Survey in the run-up to the first webinar: Goals, requirements and ideas for the digital platform incl. individualization of training content
  • Targeted introduction of the work groups to platform use and virtual working
  • Targeted training of the work groups on communication rules and online meeting discipline
  • Coaching of specialists and managers with regard to digital business management
  • Knowledge transfer as part of the "train the trainer" concept


  • Ensure ability to work, maintain focus on results
  • Active participation of all participants by bringing in own ideas and conceptions; this creates transparency
  • Working with concrete examples from everyday working life
  • Creation of clear communication structures, rules and methods
  • Flexible schedule and implementation of the webinar
  • Multiplier effect through "train the trainer" concept

We would be happy to help you establish your own tool and ensure the virtual work capability of your employees from the home office.



Go Digital 1


Our mentoring will teach you and your team everything you need to know about the changed economic framework conditions - triggered by Covid-19. What impact will coronomics have on established business models? What really constitutes "post-Corona" future viability and how do you prepare your company for it? Together we create clarity!


Individual preliminary discussions in the decision-making circle are used to determine the most important fields of action in advance. We then create mentoring content tailored to your concerns and prepare you for the 2021 annual planning through a multi-stage program. We would be happy to inform you about the content and mentoring processes in a personal meeting.

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