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A rapidly changing business world forces companies to adapt more and more to external circumstances. Innovation is a success factor in securing and further developing one's own business model. Only companies that develop competitive and customer-centric products and services in a structured and efficient way will ultimately be able to keep their value proposition and achieve a competitive advantage.

To help companies assess their ability to innovate, we have developed #FORTSCHITT MATRIX.

Bildschirm mit infografik 1250px 02Important basic factors of innovation are the prevailing dynamics and structure within a company. If both factors complement each other optimally, a company can successfully bring innovations to market and at the same time react quickly to changes.

The #FORTSCHITT MATRIX analyzes the structure and dynamics within a company through different questions and assigns it to one of the four quadrants. Depending on the classification, measures and recommendations for action can be developed to support future optimization of dynamics and structure.

You are welcome to contact us so that we can analyze the evaluation together with you and develop concrete recommendations for action on this basis.

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ERP Benchmark

Operating or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are a key to the scalability of companies and business models. An ERP system coordinates complex company processes across departments and ensures the availability of required real-time data in all areas of the company. This ability alone contributes to the continuous increase in the degree of automation and thus to the efficiency of a company.

Bildschirm ERP System 1250pxIn our benchmark study "The Way to the ERP System", we examined success factors, requirements and selection criteria for ERP systems and summarized them for startups and medium-sized companies. In an objective evaluation, 25 ERP systems were analyzed, compared and evaluated with regard to their functional scope, integration, interface capability, user-friendliness and security aspects.

As an independent consultancy, #FORTSCHITT has a very broad and objective understanding of the market for ERP systems for startups and SMEs. For this reason, we can record your needs in detail and completely in order to determine an adequate ERP system for your business processes.

In addition, as a partner we accompany not only the selection of the system according to your needs, but also the entire introduction up to the independent, successful operation of the ERP system in your company.
Together with various system houses, we have already accompanied a large number of ERP system selections and implementation projects for corporations, SMEs and start-ups.

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Strategic Risc Indicator

A risk is an indication of the likelihood that an economic decision is likely to result in a loss or that an expected benefit may not materialize. It is essential for companies to identify risks strategically and in a structured manner within the company and to develop measures within the framework of risk management.

Wuerfel2 1250px

We at #FORTSCHITT are sure that cause-effect relationships are becoming more and more difficult to point out. For this reason, we have developed the Strategic Risk Indicator.

Based on a workshop, we analyze and evaluate the strategic risk with you and combine these results with an influence matrix. This influence matrix is fed by a macro-fixed industry analysis and a micro-fixed company analysis.

The systematic approach breaks down the complexity within a company and develops measures to cope with today's challenges.

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Design Thinking

Shorter product development phases, technological progress and changing customer requirements are forcing companies to change their own structures and promote innovation. This also means adapting internal development processes and involving the customer more closely in iterative product development steps.

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The Design Thinking approach offers a framework in which a structured process and the consideration of customer needs can lead to many new business and product developments.

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