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Vision & Mission

Our motivation is to successfully prepare the economy for future trends, because we have to react to individual market and environmental changes with tailor-made solutions from experts with different competencies. Our demand for quality is focused on cooperative and loyal cooperation. Our team bridges the gap between personal cooperation with the client and strategic depth in the development of sustainable solutions.



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A company is only as strong as its employees and the culture they live by. Despite the diversity of our entire team, we share the same values and stand for the same values. From our point of view, open and fair dealings, self-reliant work coupled with tolerance and integrity form the basis for long-term, successful cooperation.



In our daily dealings with each other and in interactions with our customers, we attach great importance to fair and equitable cooperation.

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We make progress through conscious and consistent action as well as through active thinking.

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We live an open and honest corporate culture, both towards our customers and within our own team.

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We pay the utmost attention to our #FORTSCHITT values and live them in interaction with our environment.

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To be open and respectful towards other perspectives is a credo for us.

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Guiding Principles

For us, progress means the positive development and overcoming of your challenges within the scope of our competencies and experiences. In addition to our values, the guiding principles according to which we act and advise also play an elementary role in the cooperation with our customers and partners -- entrepreneurial action combined with the necessary degree of creativity. In addition, there is liberalism, dynamism and a demand for quality, which we always pursue with determination and performance.


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Through entrepreneurial thinking and action on the part of each individual, we always make it clear that we stand behind our decisions, seize and implement potential within the given framework and assume the necessary risk or the resulting consequences.


Through our think tank approach, we create a corporate environment in which barrier-free thinking and solution-oriented action are promoted. By our constant search for alternatives and improvements we understand ourselves as impulse givers as well as far & transverse philosophers.


We protect and promote individual freedom for development and otherness. For us, this also means living and tolerating discourse.


In a dynamic environment, we always want to keep the goal in mind. Our ability to think abstractly enables us to react flexibly and quickly to unforeseen requirements. We act instead of just reacting.


It is our highest claim to achieve the greatest possible benefit and thus a high level of customer satisfaction by means of qualitative work. We promote quality by continuous training of the #FORTSCHITT team. In addition to methodological competence, personal further training is the main focus here.

Commitment Neven Subotic Foundation

Through our long-term cooperation with the Neven Subotic Foundation, we support the team to give children the opportunity to make their dreams come true.

The Neven Subotic Foundation gives hope for a better future to children living in the poorest regions of the world. Through the Foundation's WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) projects, children in the Tigray region of Ethiopia have safe access to clean water, sanitation and decent hygiene conditions. As a result, children can attend school because their health is no longer endangered by poor hygiene and they do not have to walk 12km to fetch water every day. Further data, facts, pictures and videos about the foundation and the joint projects can be found on the foundation's website.





With our investment, we are creating a perfect training cosmos for new methods and models in our own start-up accelerator and coworking space, WELTENRAUM, in South Westphalia. There, we bring together entrepreneurial knowledge and experience of one of the most successful economic regions with young start-up spirit and innovative ideas in an ecosystem. A network of companies and institutions as well as coaches and trainers help to open up worlds. Our visionaries work with and alongside each other, look beyond their respective horizons and, in the WELTENRAUM, expand their own horizons and launch a successful future.

We are the spiritual mothers and fathers of WELTENRAUM's innovative accelerator program, which makes start-ups fly and at the same time brings them together with (medium-sized) companies from the strong region of South Westphalia.

The exchange with Accelerator metropolises such as Barcelona, Berlin, Tel Aviv and Amsterdam is provided and supervised by us. Likewise, our program offers the use of podcast & videocast studio as well as related education, coaching & training of methods and processes.




Cooperation and Memberships

Thanks to our national and international cooperation, we are able to align business models, market entries and global strategies with customer needs. Together with our partners, we can fully prepare, support, manage and successfully complete customer projects.


Trilogy-Systems Hamilton (Kanada) Dubai, Vereinigte Arabische Emirate concept m Köln Standort Frankfurt a. M. Digum GmbH Karlsruhe Standort Berlin Nagarro München




Concept m is one of the leading international market research companies.

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Adju supports the change in corporate culture towards more cooperation, competence and development among managers and employees.

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Nagarro drives technology-driven business success for industry leaders and competitors.

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TRILOGY Systems has many years of cultural and economic experience as a trade consulting group.

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The vision of Kottmann GmbH is the evolution of corporate cultures by helping companies to significantly increase their level of cooperation.

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The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Germany has been a lively meeting place for Swedish business in Germany since 1959.

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DIE JUNGEN UNTERNEHMER (Young Entrepreneurs) are the only political representation in Germany for the interests of family entrepreneurs under the age of 40.

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DIGUM stands for "digitalization implementation" and is a network of experienced practitioners for the implementation of digitalization.

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Advisory Council

The advisory board of #FORTSCHRITT is a discussion partner for the #FORTSCHRITT team as well as for our clients as technical experts on questions of corporate orientation, strategy and operational activities.

EBC Spiess 1238

Prof. Dr. Brigitte Spieß

Professor for Marketing & Event Management at the EBC Hochschule Berlin, head of various research clusters, consultant for corporate & leadership culture, value management & leadership development.


Rudolf Kriszeleit 001

Dr. Rudolf Kriszeleit

Lawyer, economist, former Hess. State Secretary for Justice and Integration, former Chairman of the Executive Board of Hess. Former Managing Director of Mittelständische Beteiligungsgesellschaft Hessen.

Mathias Ottitsch

Dr. Mathias Ottitsch

CPO of the Mercateo Group, former COO MarleySpoon, former McKinsey and AT&S, Vice President Bombadier, former Director Supply Chain Management at Amazon Europe.



The Founders

» per aspera ad astra «

The two founding partners Matthias Achim Teichert and Daniel Brugger see themselves as primus inter pares. The team is specifically designed for a multi-partner structure, so that complementary and future-oriented solutions are continuously created that enable a dynamic #FORTSCHITT.



Daniel Patrick Brugger

As a former handball athlete, team spirit is firmly anchored in my work philosophy. Based on my academic experience, I was able to expand my core competence in strategy and business field development by working for corporations and medium-sized companies. (International Business Management: ESCE Paris, NUS Singapore and BITS Iserlohn).

Matthias Achim Teichert

Besides seafaring, rugby and studying, I have a versatile vita. I look back on positions in politics, the public sector, medium-sized businesses, consulting and my own start-ups. I acquired my academic competencies in economics, politics and administrative sciences at the University of Heidelberg, the University of Oslo and the WWU Münster.




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